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David Gething Relentless
David Gething Relentless

Dr David Gething won the World Marathon Challenge in January 2015, running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days, and set two new world records in the process. Dr David is an enthusiastic world traveller, adventurer and racer. Specialising in long-distance events, he has competed in numerous marathons including the famed Boston Marathon, Ironman triathlons (up to world championship level) and multi-day European bicycle stage-races.

Far from a lifetime athlete, on the approach to middle age David had lived what could optimistically be termed a good life, going out far more than he should, eating, drinking and certainly living the party life. He was very overweight, unfit, unhealthy and possibly, inside it all, unhappy. And then came the moment when everything changed. David’s wife caught him outside, sneaking a cigarette after he’d promised he’d quit for the umpteenth time. She was not long away from giving birth to their first baby, a daughter. She painted a picture of this child being born with her father, her daughter’s role-model, being unfit and overweight, and asked if that was what he wanted for her, and for himself.

Starting from the bottom – His wall of denial and rationalisation came crashing down, and he embarked on his personal race to transform himself....

David says: “My story is one that isn’t just about racing, but about following and achieving your goals, whatever they might be. It’s about planning, collaboration, determination, spirited focus, overcoming obstacles and naysayers, how to build a team and how to build yourself, and how to work with your colleagues and your competitors to give yourself the competitive edge to win.”


David has always prided himself on being an average person. Married with two children, two dogs, a cat and a regular day job, David has spent years developing a system to juggle and perfect a balance of work life, family life and sporting life, and trying to make the best out of every situation.


Dr David holds both Australian and UK citizenship, but has spent the longest stretch of his life in Asia.

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