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Charity and Community.

Dr David is an ardent supporter of a number of charities and community projects. Two of the organisations Dr David is most closely involved with are Sunbeam Children's foundation and Outward Bound Hong Kong.


Sunbeam Children's Foundation.

Sunbeam Children's Foundation provides a much needed support to orphans and disadvantaged children in the Guangdong province of southern China. The foundation takes children from a young age and provides not only a home and food but also support and education to help build a brighter future, both for the child and for their village and region. Established in 1999, Sunbeam has rasied and guided over 200 children from early childhood right through to university age. Dr David has been an enthusiastic supporter of Sunbeam for many years, and has raised significant donations through his races and expeditions. 

For more information or if you'd also like to consider a charitable donation to  Sunbeam, please visit:

Outward Bound Hong Kong.

Outward Bound Hong Kong seeks to expose people of all ages to the outdoors, allowing them to learn about themselves, develop life skills and encourage team building. In an urban jungle such as Hong Kong, Dr David believes that an organisation such as Outward Bound provides a vital link with nature and the environment, as well as with own ability to adapt and thrive under pressure and challenge. Dr David devotes time and experience, helping with event organisation for Outward Bound Hong Kong.

For more information or if you're interested in Outward Bound races, expeditions, courses or challenges, please visit: 


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